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Why We Believe In Angel Wings


When you see angel wings in the stadium, on jerseys, on a flag blowing in the wind, and covering just about any surface you can think of it is a reminder of an angel who was in our presence and blessed our lives beyond measure.


On July 15, 2016 we were shocked and heartbroken to have lost Mary Nunez. With her loving husband of 21 years by her side, along with her two sons, she passed away and a city began to mourn. Soon all those left behind would find comfort in sharing the many stories of kindness and love Mary gave. Even in death her lifetime of service keeps giving.


Her home church could not contain the lives of everyone she touched. The seats were packed, people were lined up along every wall, and crowds filled the doorways trying to get in and say their final goodbye to Mary. That was July 23, 2016. In our mourning we couldn’t fathom death wouldn’t be the end of her. We should have known better.


Mary’s life began on April 20, 1972 and none of her days were wasted. She was a wonderful daughter, sister, and friend before she became a wife and mother. The friendships she made in her youth remained through adulthood because she only knew how to make friends for life. Mary’s service began early in church as well. For 28 years she was an active member for the All Saints YLI in Hayward where she faithfully attended and served even after moving to Tracy.


There was always more time to give in Mary’s mind. With all her family commitments, full-time job, and commute she kept on giving. Working tirelessly for the Tracy Buccaneers and Tracy High’s Booster Clubs for both football and baseball didn’t slow her down either. When she wasn’t cheering in the stands, you could find her in the kitchen most days cooking not only for her family but for others.


Known for her homemade goodies, cupcakes made by Mary were always a huge hit! She made batches for anyone who asked. In her last moments she was baking cupcakes through immense pain. We found them unfrosted, not knowing who was supposed to receive them. Mary was a giver and gave up until her final breaths.


Even when 24 hours in a day ran out Mary supported the causes so important to others. She loved on other people’s children and was affectionately known as “Auntie Mary”. Proudly yelling in the stands you would never know the children she was rooting for weren’t her own. She supported them all. Mary supported Tracy.  She was instrumental in fundraising and laying the foundation of what we all enjoy now and what generations to come will benefit from.


When you see angel wings it’s because a city believed in never forgetting Mary. It’s because we want to keep her with us. It’s because there is a loving voice missing in the crowd when our boys and girls take their respective fields. It’s because even though she touched so many lives there are people who never had the privilege of meeting her. When people ask about the meaning of angel wings, we get to tell the story of our angel, Mary.

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